Consultation and solution design

tell us what you need, not what to do

We have extensive experience designing and implementing web based application. The solution design process includes:

  • Translating your business requirements into system requirements
  • Authoring the most efficient and flexible database structure
  • Developing algorithms for the system requrements for translation into software
  • Designing the easiest to understand and most efficient interface for getting the task done and to make the user experience satisfying

... which can then be taken up by programmers and designers and turned into a web-application.

We also provide advice in terms of SEO strategies and technology choices, and can put you in contact with the right niche provider for any custom needs.

Call us if you are a creative agency or small programming concern looking for a partner for a large or corporate level web application or site.

bruce cowley

With over 15 year's analysis and system design experience in the web development industry, Bruce is passionate about creating real value out of the internet for clients.

jon muller

HTML, Javascript, and CSS expert taking care of the coding for many blue chip clients.