Jon Muller

Jon Muller

Front-end ninja

HTML, Javascript, and CSS expert doing the coding for many blue chip clients. He remains in the shadows and lets the design agencies take the credit.

Whether working with frameworks like Bootstrap, Pure, Angular, Node, and Grunt, or starting from scratch with a blank document, Jon can take your designs and make them load lightning fast and work as expected across a panoply of devices and browsers.

Recent projects include

  • Animated HTML5 game for the world's best-selling deoderant brand
  • Award-winning site build for the UK's largest property development company
  • Report templates for a London Stock Exchange group
  • Flight booking system for a large travel agency
  • Drag and drop meal builders for a South African food magazine
  • Google maps mashups for a multinational mining company
  • Email templates for a Japanese electronics manufaturer
  • Annual report site for a big 5 oil company
  • Responsive templates for a newly launched UK gym
  • Facebook quizes for a global auditing and accounting firm
  • Site templates for an international law firm
  • ... and site templates for their main competition

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