Event registration systems

World class event registration software

In partnership with our UK event registration client Iceni Event Solutions, pi-squared have produced software for trade shows and conferences of international calibre for the past 16 years. Just some of the over 400 registration systems we've produced are:

Locally, we have created registration software for premium financial industry events. Featuring Session bookings & CPD points management, they are:

Summary of features

1. Customisable online registration system

Built on a battle proven, robust API, customised to your business's unique needs, with rapid turnarounds.

  • Fast, Mobile friendly, responsive layouts
  • Customised registration steps for easy, bite sized registration
  • Robust, high quality UI and field validation


  1. Pre-registered invites system
    1. Upload prior/3rd party contacts, and invite them to fast track register for the event via a link.
  2. Social media integration
    1. Do fast track registration via Facebook and LinkedIn registrations
    2. Share registration status and invite others via registrants networks
  3. Group bookings system
    1. Streamlined and quick to fill in, automatically showing running totals
  4. High speed, lightweight ticket booking system
    1. Think Web-tickets/Quicket
  5. High speed, lightweight conference and seminar booking system
    1. Think Outlook calendar with the ability to tick the slots you want
    2. Theme and floor based, with flexible start and end times per session
    3. Automatically indicates if a seminar is sold out
  6. Registration demographics
    1. Easy to use marketing questions and answers on multiple steps – with unlimited tree depth (sub-answers triggering further sub-questions)
  7. Online payment options
    1. We will assist you in choosing the right online payment solutions
      1. Credit card can be effected via Worldpay, PayPal, Datacash, Softix
      2. Invoice options
      3. Discount code system
    2. Automatic PDF invoice and receipt generation
  8. Vetting system
    1. Accept or reject applicants based on criteria, such as demographic scores/payment etc.
  9. Secure networking system
    1. Easy to use delegate and exhibitor networking system, allowing people to find each other by show specific interests and send and receive messages, without revealing contact details, and without getting spammed
    2. Integrates with the meeting diary system
  10. Meeting diary system
    1. Delegates can book and schedule meetings with each other, find each other by interests, etc.
  11. Customised confirmation emails with merge fields wizard
    1. Distribute downloadable PDF badges with barcodes and the basic details of approved registrants
    2. These fasttrack passes can be brought to the show to aid dramatically reduced processing time of pre-registered attendees
  12. Customised site messages,
    1. Registrant type and registration step driven

2. Client reporting and registration management

  1. Summaries
    1. Daily and overall registration summary broken down by registrant types (e.g. Conference Attendee, Visitor, Exhibitor Staff etc.
    2. Financial summaries
      1. Outstanding revenue
      2. Received revenue
  2. Data Visualisation tools
    1. Pie charts
    2. Bar graphs
    3. export to PDF
  3. Registrant Search and Edit
    1. Build your own reports based on search parameters
      1. Lightweight CSV reports for Excel
    2. Accept/Reject applications, based
    3. Bulk resend emails
    4. Complete details or alter details of registered users
    5. Complete outstanding payments, re-issue invoices
  4. Invitations management system
    1. Upload and track invitations to register
    2. Send reminders
  5. Custom confirmation email manager
    1. Easy to use Microsoft Word style editor
    2. Easily drop in data-driven merge fields into the templates
  6. Demographics manager
    1. Create edit and delete questions and answers for the registrants to answer
    2. Split up into registration steps for manageable user flow
  7. Seminars booking manager
    1. Create, edit and delete seminars and place them in theme streams or location streams
    2. Set capacity
    3. Add descriptions, sponsors and costs
  8. Ticket management manager
    1. Create, edit and delete bookable events
    2. Set capacity
    3. Add descriptions, speakers, sponsors and costs
  9. Voucher code manager
    1. Create bulk or individual discounts
    2. Get reports on usage
    3. Set discount usage limits
  10. Registration site details and settings manager
    1. Show name
    2. Show date
    3. Currency
    4. VAT rates
    5. Etc.

If you are an event organiser or an event registration company looking to offer a fully fledged professional registration service that's been battle tested on large scale international events, please call us.